120Tbit/s Always-On DDoS & Bot Protection

Enterprise Security for

Defend your server from DDoS threats with our robust global network. Capable of halting 200+ million bots per second and withstanding 120Tbit/s attacks, we provide peace of mind for your business, minecraft server, hosting company and more.

Papyrus VIP Global Network Map With DDoS Protection the Points Of presence Locations

Explore Our Features

We provide enterprise-grade DDoS protection solutions that offer exceptional latency and uptime. Our cutting-edge Layer7 filtering technology sets us apart as the optimal choice for safeguarding your business from cyber threats.

Stable Network

Our network, powered by enterprise-grade providers, sets us apart from competitors, using over 15 Tier-1 transit providers and having direct connections to over 3000 ISP's.

Multi-layered Approach

Papyrus safeguards against all layer 4 to 7 DDoS attacks, including volumetric floods and advanced bot attacks, using eBPF XDP filters and Machine Learning/Artificial Inteligence mitigation techniques.

Enterprise Support

Papyrus is your reliable server management partner, offering 24/7 support for any problem, even if it's not related to our service.

Speed Optimized

Enjoy smooth gameplay with our anycast on over 5 continents and direct connections to over 3000 ISP's to lower the latency of your players.

Easy to Setup

Setting up Papyrus is a breeze, whether it's for tunnels or Minecraft DDoS protection. Our support team will guide you every step of the way.

Regular Updates

Papyrus is continuously evolving with frequent updates and rapid response to new attack methods and exploits.


Our Company

Papyrus was founded by a team of experienced server owners who understand the unique needs and challenges of the gaming industry. When we couldn't find an existing Minecraft DDoS protection solution that met our standards, we decided to create our own.

Datacenter rack with servers resembling papyrus vip global ddos protection network

The Papyrus Network

Our network spans the globe with bare metal servers strategically placed in locations worldwide, all with premium connectivity and powerful hardware.

We utilize a custom network with over 120Tbit/s Mitigation capacity from our upstream, 200gbps+ on uplink capacity and global anycast to ensure the smoothest gameplay experience for your players, no matter their location.

Papyrus VIP Anti DDoS Layer7 Anti Bot filtering software firewall banning malicious IPs

Multi-Layer filtering

Our network is globally anycasted for a massive 120Tbit/s volumetric network capacity, Leaked traffic is then filtered by our AI powered XDP Mitigation.

The clean L4 traffic then goes through our reverse-proxy for intensive checks and to drop L7 floods.

This approach has allowed us to mitigate attack records, including around 1Tbit/s of TCP and 1Mill bots/s.

Papyrus VIP Vision is providing cheap and affordable but very high quality services.

Papyrus Purpose

Papyrus was founded with a mission to provide a trustworthy and affordable alternative to the overpriced services in the industry.

Our core values of reliability, affordability, and high quality service are the foundation upon which our business is built.

We never limit traffic or domains and our competitive pricing offers a higher level of protection than other services in the market.



Undecided? See what our clients say. Our top-notch DDoS protection services are backed by satisfied customers, a testament to our commitment to quality.

“Answered very fast and we got through all the details in minutes. This sort of support isn't possible with any other service. Very good custom experience."


Owner @ 6b6t.

Qbasty owner of 6b6t minecraft server profile picture

“Vouch! They helped me every step of the way from finding a good deal on a server to assistance with just general server networking.

Would recommend to anyone <3"


Owner @ Soul Realms.

JosBot or Joscodes, owner of Soul Realms minecraft smp survival server profile picture

“The support is absolutely amazing, probably the best support I have seen anywhere.

In addition to that, they have always tried to help me with any problems with ANYTHING.

And as far as I've been able to test the DDos protection, its absolutely amazing."


Owner @ RivalNetwork.

adnrl, owner of the minecraft server rival network

"They are the cheapest, best anti ddos I have had with the most amazing friendly support.

Better ping than the biggest competitors plans, better price. SIMPLY amazing.

Check it out they even gave me my plan before I paid immediately."


Owner @ PrimeSaga.

TacoGuy, owner of the minecraft server primesaga

Trusted by The Best

If some of the best servers out there trust Papyrus to protect their networks,
why wouldn't you?


Our Plans

At Papyrus, we have designed service plans that cater to various needs, from Minecraft DDoS protection to comprehensive network security. If you don't see what you're looking for, please reach out to us for custom solutions.


For simple servers

$ 14.99 /month

All you need to protect your Minecraft Network.

Over 120Tbit/s capacity

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited Domains

1 Minecraft Network

Bedrock Support

Layer7 Filtering

25565 & 19132 Ports

Custom Filters

Dedicated Resources

Custom Locations

Additional IP Addresses

API Access


Bespoke Solutions

Starting at   $ 250 /month

Your own dedicated Papyrus Protected node(s).

Over 120Tbit/s capacity

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Networks

Protect Any Application

Layer7 Filtering

Full Network Protection

Custom Filters

Dedicated Resources

Custom Locations

Additional IP Addresses

API Access

Custom Quote

Looking For Something Special?

Need a GRE tunnel? Full subnet protection? or something not listed here? Open a ticket on our Discord and our team will take care of you!